My First Tattoo: The Sigil of Babalon

I got my first tattoo yesterday thanks to Sic Studio / The House of Color. This tattoo carries a lot of meaning for me. It is the Sigil of Babalon and the Babalon is a figure that is central to my practice and is revered in […]

November Doodle: The Tale of Astraea

October was a good month for me artistically. I was able to complete three projects and one of them was this piece, however I decided to post it as a November piece instead of an October one in order to avoid over posting. My birthday […]

The ‘Cowboys and Aliens’ and Annunaki Parallel

I am getting ready to start a little mini series on my blog about the Prophesies of the Mayans. When I start it, I’ll start out with a primer, then an in-depth analysis of each of the proposed prophesies. I won’t be doing this all […]

The Knowledge of the Universe, Part 3: What is Qabalah?

Today we delve into a most delectable subject, one that I can write passionately about for aeons. The subject of Western Qabalah is a difficult one to tackle and even more difficult to explain in a concise manner. First things first is the issue of […]

The Knowledge of the Universe, Part 2: Thelemic Organizations

This second installment of my little mini-series will mainly be about the Thelemic groups that I am personally knowledgeable about. For those readers who have been tagging along, I hope that my unintended exclusion of certain groups is not irksome to you. The purpose of discussing […]

The Knowledge of the Universe: Part 1

I have been an ardent follower of Thelema for sometime now, and if any of the readership is familar with this Theology, then they will understand that Qabalah is an integral part of the practice. When someone asks, What is Thelema? What is Qabalah? I […]