Pinteresting Food [2] : How To Make Homemade Hummus

I never had anyone to teach me how to cook. As a child, I rarely ate anything that wasn’t a bologna and cheese sandwich or a can of generic Chef Boyardee. Once I got old enough to know how to cook, I started to see how […]

Changing Politics, One Fest At a Time

I first met Congressman Beto O’Rourke about 4 years ago when I was looking to interview people of substance for a podcast group I was hanging out with at the time. I thought to reach out to the then-City Councilman, who was bravely running against 16 year incumbent […]

Pinteresting Food : How To Make Avocado Eggs

It took me a while to warm up to Pinterest but once I was able to appreciate the value in archiving images that link to useful content, I was hooked! A lot of the newer recipes I’ve been experimenting with are all Pinterest finds. I know […]

The Case For Weed: In Indica and Sativa We Trust | Fusion Magazine #70

Morrissey graces the cover of the #70 issue of Fusion Magazine, y’all. I wrote about marijuana this month – it was a really interesting article to write; I was able to research the history behind the celebration and eventual stigma behind cannabis, then explain the current […]

The Realism of El Paso’s Art Scene | Fusion Magazine #69

The newest issue of the Fusion Mag is out and it’s a good one! I’ve been writing for Fusion for the last two years now although it’s gotten a little more difficult to find time to write since I started working at Destination El Paso […]

A Little Bit of Henry C. Trost in Our Backyard : The John Muir Building

Even though Henry C. Trost died in 1933, he’s been getting a lot of press in El Paso lately. Although I’m sure he was truly an interesting fellow himself, it’s actually his magnificent creations that have been creating all the buzz around town. Trost has […]