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My #SocialMedia work just won a State award!

I just won a state award by the Texas Association of Convention and Visitor Bureaus for my social media work for Visit El Paso! Hearing the Sales Director’s make that announcement during today’s employee meeting today really made my day!

TACVB Social Media Idea Fair Poster 2014

I recently lost a local popularity contest – the What’s Up Best of the Best – in the ‘Best Social Media Publisher’ category. I had been nominated in previous years and really never paid much attention but this year was different because I am now working in social media and I suppose it would have been nice to win.

Not many folks will understand the importance of this award – but I’m pretty proud of myself! I suppose a state award is better than a local award, right?

This win only motivates me to continue to strive to be better for my organization; it’s very clear that my work alone has truly spoken for itself. I’m also getting ready to attend the Social Media Tourism Symposium in Nashville, TN during November – excited to gain some more knowledge from peers in my industry!

If any of my wonderful readers voted for me this year at Best of the Best, thank you – you’re truly wonderful folks! So what’s next? I’m going to be attending Toastmasters meetings – I’d like to speak at a conference and represent my company sometime!

In Pursuit of Work

As you can all tell, its been difficult finding work. I apply here and there, where ever I can find a good Customer Care/ Technical Support firm. So far, no luck and it’s starting to stress me out quite a bit because the unemployment benefits keep depleting as time wears on.

I have found a couple of really useful resources on the web regarding working at home, and I have realized that telecommuting from home is a lot more popular than I would have thought. So far, I have found numerous message boards and job leads from WAHM, a site dedicated to Work at Home moms and other people in similar situations. This site is super helpful as it’s meticulously organized by the moderators and such.

David has been very supportive with this whole ‘Work at Home’ deal. He even bought me an office set which includes the desk, a file cabinet and a bookshelf! How sweet!

Now, I know some of you might be thinking that my often complained about computer may not make the cut when it comes to being a work horse…well, I bought some RAM online and it should arrive by Thursday, so that should speed things up considerable since I ordered 1 GB of RAM.

So this is where things stand at this point. We’ve got the home office set up and as soon as I get the phone line installed, we’ll be ready fro business!