There Is No Write But Wrong

It just came as a shock to me that my personal blog got nominated for a Best of the Best Award. I would say a mini celebration is in order but as you can see from my previous post dates, blogging hasn’t come easily for […]

August Doodle: New Damask

Really, this should be considered a ‘June Doodle’ but since I haven’t really had the time to post it and we’re already half-way into August, I’m just calling it an August Doodle. This painting was originally created for my mother’s birthday. Due to circumstances (read: […]

Perspectives on Art: The June MARTket

Last night was interesting in the fact that it’s rare that I ever show my artwork. One of the co-owners of my publication, 915 Lifestyle, also happens to be the gallery owner of The LoftLight Studios, so on a last minute whim, I decided to ask for […]

Protected: The Lady Bits Show – Episode 16, Joanna Angel

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Why I Am Not A Feminist

I am a peculiar sort of woman. Peculiar women often have unconventional methods. Although I find myself having the perceived disadvantage of not only being a Hispanic but also being a woman, I have never suffered any disadvantages or been given any additional pleasantries because of that. Maybe […]

May Doodle: The Nemean Lion

I finally finished my second installment in my Astrology / Liber 777 series. It’s a fairly large acrylic on canvas piece measuring in at 30 x 40, and is titled ‘The Nemean Lion‘ The Nemean Lion is based completely on the Astrological symbol Leo and […]